Michael J Photography ( Michael Smith)

Michael is a Fashion and Beauty Photographer based out of Washington DC. At an early age Michael did not know exactly what he wanted out of life yet he always had a passion for cooking, electronics and technology. Starting his technology based lifestyle Michael began to develop websites which later down the line led to Android Development, Programming and SEO. After receiving thumb size photos from Website clients he made a conscious decision to grab a camera and help his clients with decent photos for web viewing. 4 years later he has yet to look back and is loving every moment of it looking forward to the future and what it has in store for him.   





Michael has a passion for drama and emotion through black and white photography the feel is irreplaceable, fashion is also a huge chunk of Michaels drive. With every breathing moment he is looking to create and release his inner emotion through photography.


Michaels all time goal is to be remembered as someone who contributed in one way or another to the Photography and Fashion world. Basically this page in a nutshell... Michael is one cool guy who wants to show the world what he can do. He has never been so alive and ready for the world.

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